Monday, April 14, 2008

a jinx!

im superstitious when it comes to watching my favorite sports teams.
last night was no different.
i had been waiting for last night's flames game all weekend.
when i watched the first 4 minutes,
damn son. (the sharks went up 3-0)
turning off the tv was tough at that moment.
cause i knew deep down they would come back.
i turned the game back on when i thought it was nearly over.
cgy 4, sj 3.
like it should be.
all is balanced in the universe.
i shouldnt be so gay with sports,
since i really cant control the outcome of games...
but fuckit, i do what i want!

some of my favorite dj premier tracks.
i listened to these tracks on the train to and from college everyday.
the first vid, group home - 'supa star'.
this beat is classic.
say no more.
the second vid, jeru the damaja - 'come clean'.
first off, the beat is not your average sound.
i like it so much because it is not sampled from r+b/soul tracks.
it hits just as hard as any east coast track at the time,
but it was so unique...jeru's flow is crazemania.
then the chorus scratch kicks in:
"uh oh, heads up! cause we're droppin some shit!"
(from onyx - 'throwyagunz')
the third vid, jeru the damaja - 'd. original'.
dj premier just went crazy with this album.
broken beats, and broken piano? wtf.
some how it works.
the fourth vid, afu-ra - 'defeat'.
"randomly flip on bystandards."
damn...premier at his prime.
he still has kick ass beats,
i think he needs to do another gangstarr album.

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