Tuesday, July 22, 2008

75 percent!

im 75% done the drawing....
this has been a cleansing experience.
hope to keep goin tonight,
unless geometry wars on xbla takes ovah.
love the shooters. plus the high score leaderboard is addictive.
i did the drawing during the dream 5 event which totally rocked.
lightweights are awesome, and im amazed they have knockout power.
states side, i cant think of any real lightweights with k.o. power.
to rank the 3 events i saw this weekend,
1. dream 5, (aka doo-ree-moo fi-voo)
2. affliction,
3. ufc.
affliction barely beat out ufc because
of the super stars they had on the card.
ufc, had some spectacular finishes
which might have put them ahead of the affliction card.
plus it was free!
overall no event sucked,
and it was the ultimate violence weekend.

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