Monday, July 07, 2008


kind of.
the down and dirty cleaning that needs to be done oof.
did some of the drawing,
almost done the bottom half... hope the top half goes faster.
on some other ish,
i think rampage won the fight this weekend...
but u should never leave it to the judges.
i give props to forrest for a great game plan.
he could have destroyed, but he didnt for whatever reason.
overall, the ufc was a good card this weekend.
some notes on the pics above,
the car reminds me of the 'hitchhiking' we did on the island.
we were walkin along the side and a nice guy stopped and drove us
to our b and b.
it seems to be the norm on these islands.
everyone is super helpful and the sense of community is strong.
the other photo is about this one day show called 'cheaper'.
every piece was 200 bucks or cheaper and there was a ton of cool ish.
it ranged from juxtapoz type pieces to realistic pieces.
word to the third.

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