Tuesday, July 01, 2008

looooooooooooong weekend!

ive been bad with the posting over the last month or so,...
been busy conductin thangs.
above is the three stages of my mash up drawing.
i think craft has been gettin better, but its a long way to go to finishing this bastard.
lets see what went down this long ass weekend.
friday, i had the ticket to ride event with the team which was cool.
pitch and putt which was super fun and eats over at the rain city grill.
then saw wall-e which was *okay* but i liked the other pixar movies more.
saturday was art store day,
and i now have gigantic pieces of paper for future projects.
(3feet by 15 feet)
sunday was a trip to galiano island.
its the island directly to the east of vancouver island.
tiny, about 40 kms x 5 kms.
it was very quiet, and lots of stories to tell from one day of action.
maybe some stories in the coming days.
i came back on monday,
bought guitar hero: aerosmith and finished it on hard difficulty.
it isnt the best version of gh, but the run dmc tracks are worth gettin.
and today,...
its all about drawing,
and some gh,
and some chill the f out.

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