Friday, July 18, 2008

school night!

a rare night walk on a "school" night.
i dont do any leisurely walks during the week,
since i wake up so early to work out.
i now wonder if i have to change up the program in order to enjoy the....
am i missing anything? probably not.
right now im enjoying drawing at night,
watching dvds, listening to old school tunes,
staying inside....during the summer wtf.
maybe ill change the attitude soon,
but for some reason, im not really
hyped to get outside.
i enjoyed the walk tonight,
which makes me wonder if i should get out more often.
again, am i missing anything? hmmm...
i think im gonna change things up for the rest of the summer.
more updates on this game plan later.
lemme hit the bowl and....reflect? lol

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