Monday, November 03, 2008


heres a shot of the drawing at its current state.
you can also see a now doubtful entry into
the street fighter contest.
ive got til the 7th, and i dont think i can hit the date.
i could probably put up a halfway coloring job, but meh.
im tired of halfway shizz.
anyways, its time to buck up and work on the main drawing.
i think i will finish the sf drawing later on,
but i need to keep working away at the big one.

this weekend was pretty quiet.
no haloween parties, just chill.
saturday was some mild drinkin and chatting.
sunday was hanging out, and fighting off a mild sickness.
success! now that i am living heathier,
i think i can easily fight this crap off,
cause i feel good today.
now its time to work on this drawing tonight....

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