Tuesday, November 11, 2008


whooo..tubleweed throughout the company today.
its rememberance day and i took yesterday off
instead of today.
kinda weird sitting there with not alot of people there.

today i spent reflecting on what i should do next since
(at work) im inbetween projects.
i think its time to start drawing at work as well as draw at home.
spent most of today looking and other peoples art blogs and going from link to link to link.
saga of seven was one of the blogs found today.
i think i have to go back to finding inspiration and spreading it around.

mk ultra mike huddleston
eric canete ive posted this link before, but i havent been there in a while.
katie rice is another link ive posted before,
but i think im going to post stuff that i am currently looking at.
maybe tomorrow it will be current photo stuff.
tail lights!

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