Wednesday, November 12, 2008

one of two!

heres the drawing as of last week.
tommorrow, ill try to post the drawing as of a couple of days ago.
ive got the right edge to work on, and a 2 inch strip along the top.
so close to the finish line....its ridiculous.
and then what...oof.
time to think about number 3,
and possible themes.
im considering doing 8 instead of 6,
and the first 2 will be considered as warm-up/
throw away images.
but we shall see how things go over the next year.
heres some current photo influences,
as far as what i would like to eventually shoot.
i just bought his book (sao paulo - yes the one with tha ass)
last weekend and its great.
joel meyerowitz video
heres another photographer thats awesome....
i wish i could afford his last book "aftermath" (a book on 9/11).
joe holmes
i visit this site once a week...
reminds me of my trip to nyc and i wish i could be back there.

1 comment:

Nicol3 said...

Jesus christ, it looks amazing as hell.

I get a kick out of the headless broad at the top.