Tuesday, November 18, 2008

younger and stronger!

heres the drawing as of just before the weekend.
this weekend was interesting.
saturday was street fighter 4 during the day
and ufc by night.
damn....was hoping for experience to pull thru.
i feel for couture...
i hate it when it when the fight
was decided not by skill,
but by size.
sure lesnar won,
but i dont think he deserved that fight.
all of the hard work by other fighters and everyone
behind him in history...
but i guess thats why i like the sport as well...
anything can happen.
the whole card was pretty good,
finishes all over the place.
one guy i didnt like was jorge gurgel.
a jiu-jitsu black belt who decides to punch his way thru everything.
its painful trying to watch this.
sunday was super quiet...
chilliin and listening to tunes,
and pounding away at this drawing.
i try to put the time in when i should be doing real life ish.
something inspirational...
i watch biggest loser every week,
and in alot of ways i feel for everyone on that show,
since im going thru the same battle.
i wish i had all day to lose weight.
and the money for someone to kick my ass,
and teach me how to really change my life.
but im going to try and not let life pass me by.
gotta continue to read health books,
get creative with the daily routine,
and stop bein a bee-itch about life.
the key to change doesnt start on january 1st '09,
with new years resolutions....
word out.

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