Saturday, November 28, 2009

why they!

currently sitting at work....waiting for a build.
i should have had more posts by now, but this week has been nuts.
above is finished pencils.
at this point, i got too ansy (as usual)
and i kept going, instead of starting another drawing to go side by side.
one of these days ill calm down.
i just bought spectrum 16,
gonna crack that open right now,....
more thoughts on that later.
listening to/ on repeat shuffle:
bang along - the game
let it be clear - cormega
why they - cam'ron
(duck down weave the right, 2 shots peace... good night!)
^thats^ my cod modern warfare 2 theme music, on repeat 1)
funky enough - the d.o.c.
run's house - run dmc

the beat on this song is ridiculous.
(i dont like the chorus that much, but the verses are tight)

other beats in this catagory (for me):
mind's playin trick on me - geto boys (youtube search that shit if u havent heard it!)
today was a good day - ice cube (word to sir jinx)
juicy - big (word to easy mo bee)
s.d.e. - cam'ron
i gave you power - nas
shook ones pt. 2 - mobb deep

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