Thursday, November 05, 2009


i know this picture is ass,
but with it lol.
i started and finished this and another image....
not too happy with the finish of ^this^ or the next one,
but bleh, gotta keep truckin' (<<im gonna try a different approach on the next couple...
and work on them both at the same time!
ill post the preview side by side and take a step back.
check em out, breathe out... and ink em in one sitting.
(we'll see if i have the patience to do this for reals)

currently listening to old school mix shows:
***this is a... super mister super mister super blast blast blast (echo + fade out)***
mr magic + marley marl - rap attack show (i miss mister magic)
marley marl - in control
dj premier - live from headquarters
stretch armstrong + bobbito + lord sear

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