Saturday, November 21, 2009

in a funk!

start of the sixth image.
in this case, its rashida jones.
ive already finished this,
but i need to spread out the posts lol.
i think looking back is helping alot with personal process,
and i am definitely seeing some leveling up.

some thoughts on this particular drawing at this stage:
- general framework is there
- some angles on eyes to face seems to be off
- need to get even looser with the rough
in order to get some lines i would never get.

lately i have not been motivated to draw,
or play games, or do anything.
which led me to watch a full basketball game,
(which i havent done in about a year or so)
and a couple of lame hockey games.
i dont know what it is, but realizing it is happening helps ALOT.
i cant let this funk get at me for too
long and hope to mix things up this weekend.
(even though i working on saturday)
next image should be.....?
i have been threatening to do a cammy,
maybe thats what i will go with.
and this time ill do alot more studies.
(classic '96 acad style)
just realized ive made my sunday!

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