Friday, November 06, 2009

fouf finito!

next! (oof)
i messed up on the overall finish of this image,
and the habits continued onto the next drawing.
there are some things i like...
overall craft and line quality,
but i dont like the lighting, proportions,
and expression.
(pretty much hate everything,
but live and learn...and i learned alot, namaste)

onto games ish:
got to level 41 (of 50) as a siren on borderlands.
get that loot and treh-shaa!
also stuck at 9600gp on street fighter champ mode.
so painful working with a lower tier char (cammy).
u definitely cannot make any mistakes.
u can win with the char,
but damn....random uppercuts, ultras
from higher tier chars drive me mental.
i gotta be more disciplined.
(just like in my drawings lol)
im gonna stick with cammy,
....but damn, times are hard.

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