Tuesday, March 02, 2010


first off...
gold canada gold!
what a game, high fives all around,
and im olympic'd out.
no riots, and everything stayed canadian.
i have some fun pics coming.
(stay classy!)
made some progress this weekend on the drawing...
pretty pleased with the quality,
and its the first time ive felt it is a step up (for realzo).
onto the title of this post:
word to blaq poet!
i got the blaqprint,
and the first track off the album is SOLID.
it has been on repeat one for a while now.
the slow triumphant beat,
with the slow stompin rhymes wtf....
damn this is a bridge wars style throwback joint.

'the best that never done it'

and if you dont know about the (queens)bridge wars...
GET HYPE! this beat is ridiculous!
mc shan and marley marl destroying the game.

and if you think poet cannot spit.....
i present 'the original shit starter':
f.a.y.b.a.n. - screwball (blaq poet + dj premier)
word to n.w.a and ice cube
this is the hardest, illest, 'fuck you' shit ever.
and the radio version of this track is comedy.
every other word is censored (ill have to post it sometime).
f--k all you b---h a-- n----s hahahah.
alonzo 5000.

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