Wednesday, April 14, 2010


canada, neh?!
my theme for the next drawing is:
hip hop

i grew up on the stuff,
and still learn about hidden 80s/90s groups all the time.
(which makes me love it even more)
i live it all day everyday.
i thought about how to attack this drawing ALOT.
and decided that this is what it means to me,
everyone else can fuck off lol.
ive already made some contraversial decisions,
so we will see in the end how it all plays out.
but in the end, its just another drawing
with a little bit more focus.
hopefully within 3 drawings i can see 20/20.

listening to:
jay-z - the blueprint 3 lp
n.o.r.e. - the iron liver lp
n.a.s.a - the spirit of apollo lp
cool kids - the bake sale ep
capone n noreaga - the war report lp
krs-one - return of the boom bap lp

return of the boom bap IS the shit and will always be top tier.

"back in the day i knew rap would never die"
here's krs-one with my personal favorite track outta here:
'hip-hop vs. rap w/outta here' live on yo! mtv raps
and another version:
'the mc w/outta here' live (word to grandgood)

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