Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a moment of silence.

i found out today that one
of my favorite rappers had passed.

rest in peace
gifted unlimited rhymes universal
keith elam.

that was my high school/college jams.
my favorite guru tracks
dwyck (i wreck the mic like a pimp pimps hoes)
take it personal (never the less cleverness cant impress)
so wassup?! (tear that bitchass up... so wassup!)
the ? remains (i remember hearing that for the first time in japan,
its my japan trip anthem)
b.y.s. (to all you phony ass rappers imma bust your shit)
ex to the next girl (must i stop? naw, i think not)
(check the rep when i speak...) check the technique
(im here with the skillz you missed) you know my steez
man... i could go on and just list the gangstarr catalog.

definitely a top tier emcee
that shaped my musical tastes back in the day.
proud that he was a part of the golden era of rap
which will not be touched.
i repeat posts with gangstarr shit...
but its so ridiculously hot!

peace out guru

ill leave with
gangstarr - in memory of....
gangstarr featuring lil dap + jeru the damaja - i'm the man

'ill kick your can
from here to japan
with force you cant withstand
cause im the muthafuckin' man!'


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