Wednesday, April 07, 2010


500 posts!
i wasnt really paying attention to the count
until the 490s.

anyways my how things have changed.
to celebrate, i thought i would collect
all four drawings and put them in one place.
i tried to place them in the first post ever,
but blogger has some weak sauce bug.
oh well fuckit.

on some other shit....
been upping my workout routine lately,
i now run 3 times a week,
not too shabby for a tubby dude lol.
in a month i plan to go to
gooooooooo team healthy!

ive decided on a new theme for the next drawing.
i thought this time it will be about mental stamina,
and see if i can push thru,
rather than give up half way and do 'whatever'
like i usually do.
(i will shed more light on the next post)

since it is post 500,...
2006-2010 (aka the vancouver era) most listened to music:
(in no order, just off the top of the head)
notorious big - ready to die lp
ice t - original gangster + home invasion lp
cormega - the realness + the true meaning lp
epmd - business never personal
nas - illmatic
ice cube - death certificate
slayer - reign in blood
kool keith aka dr. dooom - first come first served lp

after writing those albums,
i thought....interesting how there is no new albums.
i am officially old.
fuck new school. heh.

and on that note...
ive been listening to A TON of ice-t lately.
damn it is so classic.
ice-t - it's on
and cant forget COLORS COLORS COLORS

wow late find!
geto boys - i aint with bein broke (live on yo!)
forgot abot that classic single!

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