Monday, April 19, 2010

by myself!

drawing moving along slowly.
ive been inspired to work on it,
but ive been holding back from going wild on it.
im going against what i normally do and freestyle it.
time to style on it, level up the game
and breathe easy.

ran 15k on sunday!
after that it was a wrap.
or at least it should have been.
i walked around for 2-3 hours,
then finally sat down
and the feet were in a world of hurt.
good thing this is a lighter week in running woot!

got a ticket to epmd!!!!
cant wait to see em again!
heres 2 harder to find joints
epmd - give the people (jeep/ pete rock mix)
(i never heard this version til this week)
epmd - brothers from l.i. (b-side to crossover)

listening to:
murs + 9th wonder - fornever lp (hotness)
cam'ron + dj drama + vado - boss of all bosses 2
little brother - leftback lp
alicia keys - the element of freedom lp

the new little brother is HOT!
'even when im by myself'

9th wonder/khrysis is killin' it on all fronts!
its like where kanye should have gone,
but turned to the darkside (with autotune wackness).

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