Sunday, March 25, 2012


its tax time!
im done the u-s-eh!
now over to the second phase of taxin,

damn i miss canada.
shout outs to ken + dhenny
shout outs to all my peoples in canada
that i roll with...still.

im starting to get the itch for the big drawing again.
i definitely go in phases
where i dont want to work on it.
im now glad that
im drawing other stuff,
and working on other creative projects.
(rather than doing nothing,
which is super easy to do).

im not exactly happy with what ive done
as far as the drawings i have posted in the last month or so.

no big deal at all.
its just better that it is on the regular.
more drawings, more often,
equals.... improvement?
maybe, maybe not.

OH, ive also recorded another time lapse of this drawing.
it will get posted in the near future.
maybe on a week where i get buzy with life stuff
and i dont get drawings done.

listening to:
ofwgkta - the of tape vol 2. lp
cool kids - bake sale lp
boldy james - trapper's alley: pros and cons lp

im rockin a ton of boldy james right now.
i first heard him off 'tires' on the cool kids mixtape.
the voice, the flow and the production is solid.
here's 3 vids:
cool kids featuring boldy james - tires
(roll the windows down
turn the EVERYTHING UP!!!!!!)
boldy james - gettin flicked
boldy james - concrete connie

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