Tuesday, March 20, 2012

so soon!

whaa? a post so soon?
i got a drawing done on sunday,
so i thought id post asap.
which happens to be tuesday.

i made a time laspe vid of this
just as a test,
and ill post later to figure out the whole
posting to youtube mess.

listening to:
ofwgkta - the of tape vol. 2 lp
(super ignorant rap, + LOVING IT)
rick ross featuring styles p - b.m.f. 12"
koot keith + kutmaster kurt - diesel truckers lp
pusha t - fear of god 2 lp

pusha t featuring diddy - changing of the guard
this track got me amped...
first track on the 'fear of god' lp.
lep bogus boys featuring the cool kids - countin my money
just plain bonkers.
something to ride my bmx to.

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