Saturday, March 17, 2012

like they do in the future!

finally finished a drawing.
im starting to get my legs back after
flipping my schedule,
and rearranging to fit in other activities.
i think i can manage what ive got and post
about once a week.

currently listening to:
beatnuts - milk me lp
dj premier + bumpy knuckles - kolexxxion lp
too short - you nasty lp
beastie boys - the mix up lp

just watched:
drive (top tier, yo damn!)
columbiana (decent action)
hangover part 2 (was meh)

currently playing:
street fighter x tekken (xbox 360 + ps3)
battlefield 3 (xbox 360)

this shit is out of control!
cant wait for this new el-p album!
el-p - the full retard
takes me back to when i was hype for the company flow albums
and i finally found the beatnuts - milk me album on cd!
this second vid is:
beatnuts featuring greg nice - hot
i know i could have bought that shit on itunes, but fuck that.
im old school and like finding the physical copy.
also found the too short - you nasty lp

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