Thursday, January 17, 2008

thursday hot ish: empty!

wow what a suckass week for posts
as far as my own content is concerned.
kinda bummed out about that,
but i think i did achieve alot this week
on how i want to attack this year.
also, dreading putting the website together.
i dont know how designers can do that stuff day in and day out.
i want to hang myself doing all of the coding,
and photoshop monkey crap.

ive probably posted this before,
but netik rules on the cut.
roli rho on the juggle tip.
love the ol itf battles, word.
dummy vs. craze was hot.
judges were kinda sketchy at times,
but contestants were mad nice.
i wish the itf was still around...
and last, total eclipse.
the last of the x-men.
a piece of swift, sinista and raida
rolled into one person.

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