Sunday, January 20, 2008

monday illin': mashin out!

i getting pumped to sketch out my next idea,
so stuff is coming soon (for reals).
aaron jasinski
good site deisgn....if i had the time, id mack my shit out.
dave curd
its *kind of what i want to attempt to do....
but different.
i like the line style, but i want different coloring
eric joyner
i first saw this dude on the cover of
or maybe it was comm arts ill. annual.
george pratt
i like the loose steez.
i wish i wasnt so anal about linework sometimes.

and now for that kick your ass music!
"its the mash out posse
rugged never smooth!
M F***IN O F***KIN P
the bell ringah
ruckus bringahz...
yum yum eat it up all day!

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