Sunday, January 27, 2008

weekend lampin': score!

just got a decent score from the ol' record shop.
public enemy - 911 is a joke/revolutionary generation
theres was alot of p.e. singles that were tempting,
like public enemy no.1, or give it up + he got game.

ice-t - i'm your pusher/girls l.g.b.n.a.f.
oh snizz, this one takes me back to campin back in the late 80s.
we had a portible tape deck and we kept rewinding
girls l.g.b.n.a.f. over and over.
evil-e in the background "word (word word, echo fade out)"
damn that song is the shit.

funkdoobiest - bow wow wow/ i'm shittin' on 'em
funkdoobiest - the funkiest/ freak mode
the covers were done by glenn barr,
and damn, dj muggs tore it down back in the day.
tomahawk funk -
"i go from letter to letter,
i proceed to get better,
everything rises as i start to set the,
rhymes i taught ya,
i'm about to sort tha,
lines in my head in alphabetical ordah"
funkdoobiest - freak mode

redman - blow your mind/ how to roll a blunt
this single has a place in my heart,...
this was the first live performance i saw on yo! mtv raps.
i stayed up til 2:30 in the morning waiting to watch the live friday segment.
it was at the time this new mc, who was on headbanger + hardcore
offa the epmd albums.

dream warriors - wash your face in my sink/built for the 90's
yo, its that rap that dont talk about guns or killin people.
canada style.

kool moe dee - i go to work
i remember signing this out from the calgary public library,
cause there was no rap around in the stores.
hard as hell to find anything back in the day.

maestro fresh wes - let your backbone slide
canada in the house. this track tore it down on am 106.
drop the needle was the jam too.
had to get it, cause ive never seen the 12" before.

rich boy - throw some d's
is just plain hot. say no more.

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