Monday, January 28, 2008

tuesday styles: deviant!

heres some of links i dug up from my pile of bookmarks.
its gettin tough to keep diggin,
but whatever,
its cool to surf thru these old links and rediscover these artists.

in the meantime,
im going thru the dreamweaver tutorials...
and what a bore.
sleepy nap nap time.
so i went out and bought records,
so i went out and got some groceries,
so i went out and took photos (at night)
im doing everything to avoid this.
damn, website coding sucks balls.

anyone watch the nhl superskills saturday?
the breakaway challenge was a good idea,
but damn....
they had all year to figure this out and it sucked!
didnt they learn anything from the nba dunk competitions?
its a great way to grow the sport,
but holy crap the first running sucked.
hope they figure it out.

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