Tuesday, October 28, 2008

cough cough!

gas attack!
while drawing and then taking a break and playing some guitar hero....
i start coughing, shortness of breath,
my eyes watered up, and my lungs
were burning.
i run out onto my balcony and realize that everyone else is on their balconies.
damn i thought i was having a heart attack.
and just after i was turning my life around with exercize and
eating healthier.
anyways, i make my way out of the building
and there must have been 5 fire trucks.
we were "quarantined" off in an area across the street.
eventually they told us there was a high concentration of
carbon monoxide.
i thought it was a silent killer,
(no smell, and very quick)
kinda like as if u were getting choked out.
but this was more like breathing in chlorine,
or at least the thickness of the air felt like that.
anyways, i made it onto tv!
too bad no one watches local news anymore.
i get mine from crappy u.s. news sites
that cant be trusted, wtf.
hope the worst is over...

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