Tuesday, October 14, 2008

giving thanks!

canadian thanksgiving is over.
pretty good weekend overall,...
thanks to howard who came down and visited for the weekend....
thanks to lauren and the thanksgiving dinner posse...
thanks to simon for the photo hunt....(got some good pics on the way)
thanks to sean-ski for the hunt for a good boozin spot....(round 2 coming soon)
and time to give thanks for everything in life. (not to get gay or anything...oops)
gots me taiko drummaster for ps2,
it is tha shit.
word to the japanese for coming up with
different forms of rock band before rock band.
also got a good session of street fighter 4 in.
word to metrotown.
canadian election goin down tonight.
i hope for a pc minority government.
but does anyone care?
i think more people care about the american race.

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