Sunday, October 05, 2008


heres some of my first shots with my 70-300mm lens.
stupid unpredictable nfl...
my fantasy football team is taking a beating,
and i cant really predict this year
who is gonna hit paydirt from week to week.
i thought the colts and patriots were money this year...
i was hella wrongzo.
or hows about shamrock outta the main event,
(damn hes gotta get smarter training partners)
then kimbo gettin served with a jumping (backward) jab?!
'ninja' rua got served...
(guess he shoulda got some cardio 'mr. flabbo'!!!)
mainly another weekedn of chill after a craze-o late week drink fest.
wed night was light boozin after some interesting news.
(that i cant talk about for a long time)
thurs night, shane + exit strategy played over at the cobalt....
friday night was more hangin out and boozin in gastown.
thyis weekend was more about chillin out and gettin
some time in on the drawing, football + mma.
(and maybe some rock band 2)

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