Wednesday, January 28, 2009

word to the third!

above is 2 pics from the snowstorm in van late in 2008.
i thought i had taken alot of good pics, but meh.
alot turned out like trash and wish
i spent more time walking around finding the ultimate shot.
live and learn i guess.

heres the find for the day:
xiangyuan jie
great paintings.
wish i had these skills...i gots too much on my plate right now.

currently listening to:
kool g. rap - live and let die
(ill street blues, operation cb, classic front to back)
notorious big - notorious (original soundtrack)
(kick ass demo tracks "guaranteed raw" wtf, and basically a greatest hits album)
cam'ron - public enemy #1
(why they, dead the funeral, and lots of kick ass tracks)
lord finesse - return of the funky man
(classic album)
masta ace - take a look around
(classic album)
audio two - what more can i say?
(top billin, i like!!!)
(nyc in full effect)

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