Thursday, January 29, 2009


dangerous area
park fog
pretty happy i made it thru the week,
and posting on a more regular basis.
now i have to work on getting some more stuff for next week (uh oh).

on a sad note...
im in the video games industry,
and its sad to see the current wave of layoffs industry wide.
nexxon (vancouver) was the latest to get hit and the company is gonzo.
90 people suddenly out of jobs wtf.
ea laying off most of black box employees wtf (150-200 people).
and it sounds like alot of companies around town are taking the hit.
well, i thought i would take this time out
to acknowledge those who lost thier jobs,
and hope they find new and better opportunities else where.
damn,....times are hard as f.

on some completely other ish,
im listening to sirius radio and it was a whole block of wack ass music.
rappers got to get off the crappy ass vocoder/autotune trash.
i keep listening to lil wayne and kanye west tracks that are garbage.
no where near the right key (when they sing/rap).
i actually dont mind one track....maybe every other album...
but this crap is spreading.
let the real singer live and get them for your track and
stop the garbage on wax.
(i gotta start the movement)

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