Wednesday, January 07, 2009


first post of 2009!
its been a while, ive been offline and a hermit for the last month.

above is a link i found today,
looking for stuff for wk interact, obey and banksy.
damn these guys are top tier.

ive finally started on drawing number 3 on monday night...
(monday january 5th)
see how slow or fast i can finish this bad boy.
maybe a pic at the beginning of next week.

on some other ish,
im gonna see norm macdonald next weekend! (word up!)
im gonna see kool keith next month! (word up pt. 2!)
hope theres more shows coming in the next couple of months to jumpstart this year!

time to figure out how to pace myself,
and get the following things done:
drawings (up to 6)
photography (entering year 3)
reading (get these 3-4 books out of the way in 2 months or so)
exercize (how many hours are there in a day??!!)
gamning (cause thats part of my job!!)

ill try to post the solutions as i figure them out.

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