Monday, January 19, 2009

buzy blahzay!

went to see norm macdonald on saturday night and that destroyed.
since coming to van ive seen:
chris rock, norm macdonald, george carlin (on his last tour),
don rickles (and i got insulted so i can die now), and henry rollins
(not necessarily a comedian, but hes entertaining).
its hard to rank norm after all those names,
but he is top tier, and everyone ive seen has been top tier.
hmmm, only guys i wanna see as far as comedians go is
bill cosby, seinfeld, hmmm....not too many others.
also watched ufc earlier in the day and that was so-so.
there were some highlights on the card,
(henderson/franklin, davis/lytle)
but shogun/coleman was hella wack.
2 tired guys fighting wtf.
it was also double xp weekend on call of duty:world at war
for the multiplayer mode (uh oh).
got in lots of that,
got some drawing in, finally started inking on some parts.
went over to anton's restaurant (which is hella dope).
ill have to get the pic off my phone to show off
"the realness".

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