Wednesday, January 14, 2009

bunch of nothing!

yea a whole bunch of nothing going down in the last couple of weeks.
im spinning my wheels,
trying to get this year started off.
i wrote down all of my goals for the year (artwise)
and the list is long.
i threw out the first version of drawing no. 3,
and i gotta start over.
i think i have to be more disciplined as far as jumping into inking the drawing.
this one is going to be different.
so far, for this year,
i have planned.....
6 large drawings,
2 skateboards,
painting a blank toy,
and a contest that has popped up which is due march 1.
sounds like alot,
but now its time to budget the time and follow thru.
i hope to output the most personal art this year
since college. (while working)
lets see what happens.

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