Thursday, March 18, 2010


started number 5.5!
added tha b-i-z!
was listening to:
just a friend
me and the biz
and had to represent with the biz on a drawing.
im gonna try and pour more soul into this one,
and really style on it.

(after writing the whole post
i thought id go back and preface the next bit with:
if u own an ipod or any mp3
i got a small 500mb zen stone, good shit for walkin to work.
BUT something about sitting in
front of your shelves of music,
and BAM! a solid gem! anyway lemme barf out some ish~~)

ever since the cool kids/pac div concert
ive been digging thru some albums i havent listened to in a while.
first off id like to say,
as much as id like to rip all my cds (all 2000+)
i say, fuck ipod.
its not that im really hating on anyone who has one,
its just something about surfing thru collections.
sifting thru my vinyl and or cds
and finding a track i havent listened to in a looong time.
i guess i could have enjoyed the track earlier if it was ripped,
but fuck that im old school.
i enjoy the tracks a billion times more
when finding it all over again.
listening to the common - one day... album,
i forgot (from front to back) that album was the fuckin bomb.
holding in my hand,
and putting it away for another rainy day,
gives me a good feeling every time i find it.
daaamn, im goin to bust out cassettes in a hot minute.

on that tip
j-zone on cassettes:
(btw disco rick is hilarious, got a good laugh)

Real G's Rock Tapes from richdirection on Vimeo.

btw hes right,
ive a couple of roc raida/xmen/mista sinista tapes,
and it has a ton of tracks ive never heard of and
have never been able to find anywhere (damn).

(update: damn!
found an old dj premier mixtape,
shit is fire!)

currently listening to:
common - one day it will all make sense
de la soul - stakes is high
biz markie - i need a haircut
kool g rap + dj polo - killer kuts
m.o.p. - 1st family 4 life

now that i made the name com sense a name you fear
you niggaz is scared!
im your worst nightmare squared!

i forgot how damagin' this track is.
canibus at his best.
common on the battle tip.

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