Sunday, March 14, 2010

done deal 4.5!

(exhale + sigh)
finally donezo on this, and off to the next.
i wanna do some airbrush marker stuff inbetween these big drawings.
(so i can step up my big drawing game)
the next drawing will be more of a classic format
rather than workin on sihlouettes.
i really wanted to go back to craft on this one,
and i think i stepped it up 2.3 notches.

shout outs on the influences for this piece:
ganksta nip
blaq poet
street fighter iv
and of course all the artists i know personally,
and check out all the time.
oh and i just bought on VINYL:
(whatcha know about that?!)
positive k - carhoppers 12" (the street mix is hella dope)
ultramgnetic mcs - one two one two 12"
tragedy khadafi - thug paradise/true confessions 12"
maestro fresh wes - symphony in effect (!!!!) LP
public enemy - cant do nuthin for ya man 12"
the game + obie trice - growin up in the hood 12"
super duper alonzo 5000

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