Sunday, March 07, 2010

new month's resolution!

check it
here is pics of the last week's worth of work.
added tyson, with the tattoo but u can barely see it.
finally posted some new photos on flickr woot!
also started a twitter account (sugthethug) woot!
now u can follow another lame account!

after looking at my flickr from 2009,
i realized that damn!....i took a hella long break.
i think i got burned out on everything.
trying to take photos,
but not really improving beacause i didnt
take a step back and evaluate any of the photos.
i got stuck in a groove and editing in the same way,
and shooting the same way and not really thinking.
this past year off did me wonders,
as i worked on my drawing and improved drastically.
as far as my photos go, i think ive graduated
to the third year of a four year self taught program.
what to possibly attack this year?
- in studio concept photography (thats a dream)
- shooting more event with tons of people around town
(this was inspiration from martin parr's: small world book)
- some experimentation with tons of different light situations
(lets see where this year takes me)

now that ive seen my photos in a new light,
im ready to go hard and wreck shit.
word to joel meyerowitz.

currently listening to:
dj whiteowl - dipset disciples
blaq poet - the blaqprint
digital underground - sons of the p
slayer - reign in blood

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