Sunday, March 28, 2010


cooooooooooooooool kiiiiiiiiiiiidz!
what it is - one time - pac div!
just uploaded some more ish to flickr.
^above^ pics from the cool kids show from a while ago.
cant wait for the new album!

currently im getting ready to start airbrushing with markers. (wtf?)
i got a decent throw away drawing if i mess up.
i did a half way drawing of evangeline lilly (from lost)
and hope i can half way finish this biatch.
ill show the drawing even if i fuck up.

saturday morning, a whole truckload of hangover hit me.
holy crap that was hella nasty.
but ufc solved all of that.
gsp comes thru....word up.
all he had to to to finish that armbar was lift his hips.
'and it was a wrap'.
but good stuff on gsp,
word to the 2 unpredictable fighters at the end of the show.
wtf? i call it a button mashing fight.
both guys dont look skilled,
but then BAM head kick!
or BAM left straight into right hook!
decent combos out of nowhere.
anyways good ufc steelo.

listening to:
kidz in the hall - land of make believe lp
de la soul - stakes is high lp
pete rock & cl smooth - mecca & the soul brother lp
ice-t - iceberg lp

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