Sunday, February 10, 2008

weekend lampin': finally!

finally got thru all of the tutorials.
"i know kung-fu."
now to start the long trek of
figuring out what to put on the site.
i had a layout from 2003 ready to go,
but it doesnt seem to fit what i like to do nowadays.

what a difference one week makes of running.
my legs arent trembling like they were after the first day.
i think i could have ran twice today.
on to what ive been watching this weekend,
and thats dc new frontier,
and some transformers animated.
transformers was kinda wack,
but the at least the characters
had style.
as for dc new frontier,
i always liked darwyn cooke's stuff,
and seeing it animated was very cool.
it looked closer to bruce timm's stuff,
but thats where the influence was from in the first place.

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