Monday, February 11, 2008

monday: the reason!

the reason why i take photos?
well for one,
i love the everyday images,
and documenting of everyday life.
small things captured in an image that take you to that time and place.
to me, its like music.
i can listen to a tune and know where i was.
since for now i cant make beats ( it is very time consuming),
i can crossover and take photos.
easy to learn, HARD to master.
it helped sparked my career as an artist.
ive now learned to see my drawing in another way.
examining light, detail, time of day, location....
kinda seems like it is obvious to learn right away in school,
but it really hit home when going out and walking around trying to take photos.
ive barfed out enough, heres summo influences:
of quiet
i wish i could rember which links ive already posted.
i could easily search, but im too lazy.
on this page, also check out sucka pants
nyc photobloggers
i heart nyc.
wish i could be there,
but i love canada as well.
nathan baker
i went looking around for martin parr stuff and found this guy.
blue collar, working class, everyday people.
it reminds me of friends, family and places ive been to.

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