Friday, February 08, 2008

thursday: new yearszo!

for the chinese, in the year of 4200+
(i wish i knew the exact number).
so the run was no fluke,
2 days in a row where i chopped off 10 mins.
about 35 minutes,
and i would love to chop the time down 25 min.
below are some gangstarr foundation joints.
statik selektah - stop look listen with premo on the track.
love to hear q-tip back on the down with styles p.

gangstarr - same team no games w/ nygz
this album was overlooked.

krs-one, blaq poet, marley marl, premo - the victory
krs is still the jam.
i thought this was the best jam on the album.
the roughstyle + 2 super producers = hot ish.
poet has always been a kick ass emcee (to me).
he brings the hard rhymes + the voice

blaq poet + premo - poet's comin'
ever since f.a.y.b.a.n. off the screwball album,
poet brought back an energy kinda like,
canibus in 2nd round knockout.
premier brings this fast, sly,
kick your ass beat.

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