Wednesday, February 27, 2008


getting a bit better at adjusting photos.
i gotta get a decent monitor and learn how to adjust for the web.
i dont take alot of portrait orientation photos since i dont really think of it when shooting.
gotta mention that ive added simon andrews' link------------------->>>>>>
go check it out, top notch paintings.
hot random ish for the moment:
- anticipation for ufc: pride of a champion
word to henderson + kongo, hope they take it
- oscars bookstore (kick ass art store here in van)
- down south hip hop (jeezy, t.i. ugk, cant get enough of the slang + flossin)
- dwight howard dunks (this kid is on fiya!)
- street fighter 4 coverage
(this game looks great, still holding off on a final decision as far as the gameplay goes)

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