Thursday, February 28, 2008

holga stylez!

i like the lomo cameras, especially the holga.
amazing what a little bit of blur and saturation does for my photos.
i gotta get a film scanner so i can take more pics with my fisheye camera.
which reminds me, i should scan in some good ol,
fisheye drunken passed out pics. damn thats comedy.
on some other ish,
check out piclens!
its this cool plug in for viewing photo sites.
cool to see my flickr groups i check out
and easily find cool ass photos.
hot gamez for the moment:
- no more heroes (wii) hotness, word to god hand
- street fighter 4 (arcade) 3rd strike is still king until it proves me wrong.
- patapon (psp) cool style, word to loco roco
- king of the fighters 12 (arcade) new sprites = gangsta
- guitar hero 3/rock band (360, ps3, ps2) i suck at it, but hella fun
- samba de amigo (wii) the rise of dreamcast
- house of the dead 2 + 3 (wii) the rise of dreamcast pt. 2 + 3 son!
- tekken 6 (ps3) im still gay for tekken, and will probably buy a ps3 for it.

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