Wednesday, February 13, 2008

wednesday: first loser!

second place is truely the first loser.
oh well least i got some cash out of it.
alot of photographers have great sites.
ive seen alot of interesting flash tech,
and interesting navigation.
i have some links at work...i gotta remember to send em home.
onward to photos.
lighting rules photography.
after the photo session i had,
it made my camera shots seem pro.
its all about lighting and time in the studio.
taking shots over and over,
and know exactly whats goin on.

matthew mahon
great casual/set up photos.
good knowledge of lighting anywhere and everywhere.
michael zeppetello
cool studio images. top models, and some famous images.
damn i got a loong wayz to go to get to that.
philippe starck
i like photos of objects and rooms, as much as people.
it tells something about the time,
class, personality of the person who owns
or who may own these objects.

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